About Me

Hello, I am Justin. Welcome to my website and check out my portfolio of projects below. Currently studying data science and searching for a role to apply my emerging skill set. Previously worked in the public service and searching for a career change into data analysis. I also have side interests in philosophy and physics.

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Data Science with Python 3: PANDAS/NumPy/SciKitLearn/MatPlotLib

Schrodinger Wave Example

Schrödinger Equation vs Real Experimental Data (Ongoing Project)

Designed in my spare time as an ongoing project to compare real experimental data from the double split experiment with predicted data from the Schrödinger Equation. Includes data cleaning examples, data manipulation, data visualization and statistical methods to compare deviations from normalcy.

Titanic Survivor Prediction

The titanic data set is a pretty standard entry level dataset and most people would probably not include it in their portfolio, but I’m attempting to do some particularly innovative approaches to it to see if I can arrive at insights other people did not. Mainly uses Python, scikitlearn random forests, etc.

Data Science with R

Coming soon…

Data Analysis with SAS

Coming soon…

Data Analysis with SPSS

Effect of Minor Brightness and Contrast Changes on Facebook Advertising Cost Per Click

A project designed to test whether minor changes to brightness and contrast of images resulted in better Facebook advertisements. The idea was that lowering or increasing the contrast of the image to varying degrees might improve the effectiveness of the advertisement and therefore lower the cost. Includes examples of digital marketing knowledge, statistical methods such as hypothesis testing and experimental design.

Data Analysis with SQL

Coming soon…

Tools: Power BI/Tableau/Excel/Visualizations

Sales Budget Visualization in Power BI

Designed as part of a project to perform exploratory data analysis on sales data of artistic works. It involved cleaning data, correctly linking data and searching for trends using Power BI.

Additional Data Science Projects

Data Science Ultima Logo Symbol

Data Science Ultima Website (Ongoing Project)

A website that has information on data science and statistical related topics, but presents it in a language/technology agnostic manner. The idea is that with every concept the basic idea is presented and then how to implement it with different languages/software is given all on the same page, after which the concept is explored in more detail. Most websites seem to focus more on presenting specific cases, and sometimes give too thorough an explanation to start before giving the code.

Additional Random Projects

Kit XP Online Store

An online store that sells household items. Running it taught me a number of things such as running Facebook and Pinterest advertising campaigns and evaluating the data from those campaigns. I also managed small technological teams of contractors to complete various web development and graphic design tasks.