Hello, I am Justin. Welcome to my website and check out my portfolio of projects below. Currently studying data science and searching for a role to apply my emerging skill set. Previously worked in the public service and searching for a career change into data analysis. I also have side interests in philosophy and physics.

Location: Brisbane, Australia


Data Science using Python 3: PANDAS/NumPy/SciKitLearn/MatPlotLib

Schrodinger Wave Example

Schrödinger Equation vs Real Experimental Data (Ongoing Project)

Designed in my spare time as an ongoing project to compare real experimental data from the double split experiment with predicted data from the Schrödinger Equation. Includes data cleaning examples, data manipulation, data visualization and statistical methods to compare deviations from normalcy.







Housing Price Prediction with Regression

Attempting to predict housing prices from training data. This includes using machine learning via SciKitLearn alongside data cleaning and regression analysis to predict housing prices.