Digital Marketing Quick Reference


Advertising Networks

BuySellAds –

Facebook –

Google –

Pinterest –

YouTube –


Affiliate Programs

Amazon – 24 hours –

Bookdepository – 30 days – Expires once purchase is made.

CJ in general – Grammerly, etc.

Dream Host – ??? –

Ebay – 24 hours –

Envato – ??? – 30% on first purchases referred

Fiverr – ??? –

G2A – ??? –

Hostgator – ??? –

Lenovo –

Razer – – 4% on gear, 20% on software –

Shopify – 200% of customer’s subscription fee –

Skillshare – 30-day cookie – $10 per customer who signs up for premium

Udemy –

Weebly – 120 days cookie – 30% commision

Wix – ??? days – $100 per referral ????

Wordery – 30 days and does not expire with a purchase – 5% commission



e-packet is best particularly to the US

2-3 weeks

Some great tips:

It may take experimenting with 20 products to find a winning product. A good test is $5 per day marketing budget, for 4 days on Facebook.


E-Commerce Platforms

Magenta –

Shopify –

WordPress + WooCommerce –


Email Marketing

Mail chimp – free for up to 2000 people???


Facebook Advertising


Trigger emotions. Trigger emotions. Trigger emotions.

Get to the point.


Start with a question.

Give education about the PROBLEM that is being SOLVED.

Add a line like “GET IT FOR JUST $???” at the end.

3 reasons campaign – Use 3 reasons as dot points.

Use imagery that sticks out but is familiar, old paintings for instance. Rembrandt, etc.

Use a quote from reputable sources like famous people and magazines.

Trying something different stands out.


One trick is to get a feel for the pulse of the market by going to sites like zergnet, buzzfeed and buzzsumo to see what is trending so you know what people are likely to share. That way you get an idea for the sort of content that is likely to go viral.



Pixel is Facebook’s tracker, its best to optimize ads for add-to-cart. Basically, we want people to add a product to their cart as this at least suggests interest in buying.




Pinterest is largely female demographic, its an online scrap book that is all about Do It Yourself. Rolling pins for cooking will do well here, Christmas decorations will do well here. Anything that has a DIY aspect will perform here. Occasionally gadgets will do well.


Share Boards

The unwritten rule is that you need to pin other people’s content once for every piece of your own content pinned.



Psychological Profiling

OCEAN or Big 5.



People high in openness respond to new ideas, art, music, etc.











People high in neuroticism respond to fear based messages.








Blue Yeti Microphone – A bit bulky, but one of the better stationary microphones.

Logitech C920 Webcam – I haven’t used this but its allegedly not a bad webcam for streaming.



Open Broadcaster Software – for recording desktop footage, game footage, recording sound, streaming etc. Completely free and by far the best and most important piece of software to have.

Blender – This software is actually known for being a 3d editor, but is actually also a video editor interestingly enough.

Audacity – for editing and recording sound.


VLC media player – for recording desktop footage, completely free.


Great List of Software –

Another Great List –


Music – free, just requires crediting. – this guy might have creative commons licensing



The following is a list of pixel sizes YouTube uses:

Smallest: … x 144 pixels.

Smaller:  320 x 240 pixels.

Default: 480 x 360 pixels.

Larger: 640 x 480 pixels.

HD: 1280 x 720 pixels.

The YouTube aspect ratio is 16:9.



Custom thumbnails recommended size: 1280×720  (16:9 aspect ratio)



Emojis can actually go into YouTube video titles. It is note quite clear if this particularly helps or hurts, it may be dependent on the emoji being relevant.

In theory all the emojis from the following site may be used: